How Do I Mud And Tape Drywall?


One of the most important steps in new drywall installation is the application of drywall mud. Without it, the seams between each piece of drywall won’t be properly sealed and may lead to future issues with insulation, temperature, and crumbling drywall. Drywall Winnipeg can explain the necessary steps to ensure you’ve properly sealed each joint before you move on to the next step.


Before getting started, the necessary tools and materials should be assembled. You’ll need the following items to ensure the job is completed properly:

-Smoothing tool

-Joint compound

-Drywall tape

-Drywall mud

-Mud tray

-Mud knife


Once all the necessary tools are gathered, begin by taping the seams. Peel off the paper backing of the drywall tape and place it along the joint. Use a mud knife to press the tape down firmly, ensuring that it adheres to the drywall.

When it comes to installation, the professionals know how to properly cut, fit and hang the drywall so it is level and accurate. Plus, they understand the importance of leaving room for door and window frames, something a novice might need to remember.

The team also understands the different available drywall systems, such as moisture-resistant and moisture-aware drywall systems, to ensure you get the best product for your environment.

Finally, with Winnipeg Drywall professional services, you can have an experienced company backing your project up. This means you are dealing with certified, experienced professionals who will stand behind their work and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Applying Mud

Once the drywall tape is in place, use a mud knife to apply a thin layer of mud overtop of it. Allow the mud to dry and then repeat the same process. Using more mud each time, continue to cover the tape until a smooth finish has been achieved.

The Winnipeg Drywall team is experienced in handling all types of drywall projects, no matter the size or scope. We specialize in drywall installation and repair, patching and finishing, and we can even take care of acoustic tiles if you require soundproofing in your home. Our team takes the time to understand each customer’s individual drywall project needs to ensure the best possible result.


Using a smoothing tool and a mud knife, spray a light mist of water overtop of the joint. With a smooth and steady motion, sand the damp mud. Start with the smooth tool first, then use the mud knife to achieve the desired amount of smoothing.


Once the area has been smoothed to the desired level, allow the mud to dry. After the mud has dried, apply primer over the joint and allow it to dry. Then, you’re ready to paint the drywall, and your new drywall installation is complete!


Mudding and taping drywall is an essential step in any drywall installation. It seals the joints between each sheet of drywall, ensuring that the walls are properly insulated and look attractive. With the right tools and steps, you can easily ensure that this step in the drywall installation process is completed correctly. Contact Drywall Winnipeg today to learn more about our drywall installation services.

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