Drywall Finish Levels Explained

Drywall Finish Levels Explained

For contracting jobs that require finish work on drywall, understanding the different levels of finish required is essential. Drywall Winnipeg makes understanding these common drywall finish levels simple with this article.

What is a Drywall Finish Level?

A drywall finish level is a description of the level of effort put into a drywall project – from the amount of material applied and the care taken to smooth out the final wall. The different drywall finish level designations are based on the National Gypsum Association’s standards.

Level 0: Unfinished Drywall

Level 0 drywall is unfinished drywall and is just the drywall after being installed. This level is rarely seen in a construction job as it has not been treated with any materials to ensure joints and edges are smooth, secure, and durable.

Level 1: Basic Taping and Joint Compound

Level 1 drywall finish involves the installation of basic joint tape and compound to secure the seams and joints. This level does not guarantee a super smooth surface.

Level 2: Standard Taping and Joint Compound

Level 2 drywall finish is the standard for most jobs. At this level, the joints and fastener heads are filled with three layers of joint compound and lightly sanded. You may still be able to see some joints, but overall the wall will have a smooth finish.

Level 3: Smooth Finish

Level 3 drywall finish provides a very smooth finish. All joints and fastener heads are filled with several layers of joint compound and heavily sanded. The wall will be very smooth after a level 3 drywall finish is applied.

Level 4: Textured Finish

Level 4 drywall finish is a textured finish and is applied by a professional taper. This level is ideal for hiding wall imperfections and is often requested for aesthetic purposes.


Understanding the different drywall finish levels is essential for any drywall contracting job. With detailed explanations of each level, Drywall Winnipeg can help you choose the appropriate drywall finish for any project!

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